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About Us

Changing the world
starts with
small things

You can change the world with the smallest of actions if you do your best! Hermestong

Hermestong was founded with the goal of communication between all counties, generations, and ethnicities.


Education is not easy anywhere in the world. Language learning is difficult for both adults and children. But if the learning process is fun then language learning also becomes easy.  With easy language learning as the foundation, we will continue to develop the learning process to achieve not just simple communication but also cultural exchange and communication.

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Variety of learning games


Accessible via any smart device


For anyone in the world to easily access

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Hermestong Co. Ltd., is an EDTECH company based on the foundations of communication on all levels from nationally to globally.

Alphatong PLUS provides English language learning as the standard model accompanied with the 6 official languages of the United Nations – Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish. To augment the global trend of the Korean wave, Korean is also included.



In addition to learning languages easily and with fun, Alphatong PLUS recorded 50,000 downloads in one month. We will continue to develop more quality content for early learners to adults to embrace language learning with fun and confidence.

신문을 읽는 남자

Hermestong History


- S.I.H.A.

Seoul International Heritage Academy


- Mobile mini-games


- Story wing

Full 3D animation

- Mobile alphabet

Full 3D application


Story wing

English AR


Story Wing

Smart TV


Alpha Tong 7 Application


Hermestong Co. Ltd Establishment

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